• Client: Luc Lam
  • Date: 2018

  • Scope of work: UI/UX Designing and Website Developing – Website and Fanpage Content Writing.
  • Execution personnel: 05 (01 Designer, 01 Coder, 01 Account Manager, 02 Content Writers)
  • Challenges: Luc Lam is the devotion of all members of the business, so the brand image is focused and invested carefully. Our challenge in this project is to build a website that resembles the subtle, gentle, and relaxed style of Luc Lam.

Our solutions:.

Use green as the main color of the website and combine it with a simple but dynamic font to ensure consistency with the brand logo.

The Product pages are organized logically and conveniently for the customers to search for and buy their favorite products.

The website and fan page contents provide sufficient information for the readers, contributing to creating more potential customers in the future.

Results: Luc Lam’s website was born with an outstanding banner, sufficient product information, useful and inspiring content for the readers

URL: luclam.vn