• Client: MQ International: MQ International is a company specializing in providing flavorings, food ingredients imported directly from Germany, France, Belgium, USA, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, China …into the Vietnam market.

  • Scope of work: Brand Position Consulting – UI/UX Designing and Website Developing – Facebook Marketing – Content Marketing
  • Execution personnel: 07 (02 Designers, 01 Coder, 02 Content Writers, 01 SEO Leader, 01 Account Manager)
  • Challenges: MQ International desires to own a media channel that stands out from its rivals. This required us not only to develop an impressive website but also to focus on building effective Digital Marketing campaigns with B2B customers as the target audiences.

Our solutions:

Use green tones as the main color of the website to ensure consistency with the brand identity and the green-clean-good for the health-business spirit.

Write standard SEO articles, Fanpage contents and support uploading them on the website as well as planning and implementing monthly Facebook Ads campaigns.

“I am very impressed with the way Letweb team approached the challenge and captured the customer ideas. They always listen to what the client said carefully and then come up with a complete and well-organized website. Every member in the team are good at their profession, dedicated, and professional in team-working”- Mr. Dung – Representative of MQ Flavor

URL: mqflavor.com