• Client: OCP Vietnam: OCP (Oregon Catholic Press) is one of the three most prestigious providers of Catholic liturgical music in the United States. Starting in 2001, OCP Vietnam gradually formed and inherited the non-profit spirit of OCP.

  • Scope of work: UI/UX Designing and Website Developing
  • Execution personnel: 03 (01 Designer, 01 Coder, 01 Account Manager)
  • Challenges: The website shall not only reflect the spiritual image but also meet the tastes of the Vietnamese and be a reliable source of carols to the Church and Christians.

Our solutions:

Design a simple-yet-elegant website interface. Use the blue navy as the main color to help highlight the logo while still synchronizing with the brand identity.

Rapidly and fully support inputting songs, books, CDs information and other categories on the website.

The website fulfills the client’s requirement: becoming a trustful liturgical source for the Union and having a user-friendly interface. OCP Vietnam has always been an address to provide high-value music products to the community.

URL: ocpvn.org