• Client: Xanh Decor: With the love for decoration and handmade products, Xanh Decor provides tree products for decorating studying and working corners, hoping to create greener living spaces and bring nature closer to humans.
  • Date: 2018

  • Scope of work: UI/UX Designing and Website Developing
  • Execution personnel: 03 (01 Designer, 01 Coder, 01 Account Manager)
  • Challenges: Build an online store that is simple, delicate, elegant, friendly, able to show sufficient product information, and be a convenient place for customers to purchase their favorite products.

Our solutions:

Choose green as the main color for the entire website and combine it with some decent tones to ensure consistency with the brand logo.


Integrate an intelligent searching filter that allows visitors to search for the products based on keywords, and integrate online purchase function, shopping cart.

Results: Letweb has created a simple, delicate and elegant greendecor.vn that accurately expresses the go-green spirit of Xanh Decor. Also, the fast-purchasing function has worked effectively.

URL: xanhdecor.vn