• Client: Nu Nest: Nu Nest is a famous brand specializing in providing high-quality natural bird’s nest for many years.
  • Date: 2018

  • Scope of work: UI/UX Designing and Website Developing – Website Content Writing.
  • Execution personnel: 06 (02 Designers, 01 Coder, 02 Content Writers, 01 Account Manager)
  • Challenges: Build a brand new website that has a balancing combination of modern and traditional beauty, besides becoming a useful and diverse source of information for visitors.

Our solutions:
Use red-yellow tones as the main color for the entire website and combine them with light details and patterns, creating a sense of Asian traditions and Vietnamese identity.

The layout is carefully designed with square and circle elements as well as utilizes text motion effect to highlight the brightness of modern beauty.

We also set up a strategy for building website content on pages such as homepage, blog, and SEO articles.

Results: Website yennunest.com.vn has fulfilled the client’s requirements and has performed efficiently since then. It also became the most effective sales channel for the business.

URL: www.yensaonunest.com